Hey Internet, welcome to my blog without readers. I hope you’re all having a good vacation, or at least making enough money to be happy with things. I’m having a decent vacation but not making any money, so I figure it’s about time to get this thing going.

First, I guess I should say up front that this blog won’t really be “about” any specific discipline or project, so your interest in it might turn out to be a tad inconsistent. I’ll talk about current events and politics, sure, but I’ll also be discussing some serious science problems and sharing artistic projects as I see fit. I’m not a journalist and frankly I don’t care whether you get confused or discouraged, so let the reader beware.

Second, I’m not going to be talking about “typical” issues you might find on other news blogs, and what you read here might sound a bit crazy and radical more often than not. I assure you that I’m not some evangelical nutjob – my political opinions align more with “South Park” than really any other TV show (or political party). I’d just rather not spend time rehashing the same old libertarian perspective on the same old popular issues, day after day. That’s a fate reserved for employed writers.

Anyway, I hope you’ll check in soon. Upcoming topics include: neuroscience and memory, Wikileaks, aliens, education vs. learning, imaginary numbers, digital business, war, music and emotions, and more.

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