Vacation Bonus Update!

Having just graduated from RIT, I’m traveling and looking for tech jobs in the SF Bay Area. Unfortunately it’s been too long without an update so here are some assorted links and a miniature article:

Cool Guns
Nuclear Paranoia
Best Google Plussers
James Bond stares at his cell phone for 5 seconds while driving!

Stacked Comment Pronouns

Today on reddit, a funny picture imagines Commander Shepard using a dating site:
Shepard on OKCupid

Now, some comments:
Deep Pronouns

See what happened there? Each person referred to some aspect of the previous statement without explicitly naming their subject. By the third reply, we’re muddling through a confusing mess of ambiguous pronouns, and from there, discussion will be plagued by cumbersome phrases like “the (O)riginal (P)ost” or “ChrisHansensVoice’s comment” as long as each pronoun is already taken.

Here’s a Quick Internet Tip: if you’re making a clever observation or somehow trying to stimulate conversation, try to be polite and keep the pronouns free. Sometimes it takes a bit more effort, and it sounds rather like you’re trying to coin a phrase, but don’t be ashamed about that! The last commenter could have substituted something like:

“I used to wish for second chances, until I beat Braid.”

This sentence is contextually intact and doesn’t rely on any external reference to make sense (to most English speakers). One effect of this completeness is that there are no pronouns that refer to any noun outside of the sentence itself. With shorter sentences, there aren’t usually any pronouns at all, something that will be massively appreciated by new readers. Pronouns shouldn’t be completely off-limits, but when the previous three comments contain real or implied pronouns, it’s a good sign you should probably leave them out.

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