MixBall Preview

It’s about time to take the wraps off my latest project:

Introducing MixBall, the first dedicated interactive music platform! Tilt your iDevice to control how the music unfolds, and don’t hit any hazards if you want to survive all the way to the end! It gets rather difficult once all 3 tracks are in play…

Check out the sample video, and visit mixball.com to get on the mailing list. I’ll be sending out an update as soon as MixBall is available in the App Store!

2 thoughts on “MixBall Preview”

  1. […] This new iOS project is essentially an experiment in direct-selling digital goods, so I’m not especially hung up on all the gnarly questions that have been raised about ads and their value, on Google and Facebook but offline as well. Yet it would be very wrong to assume that I can disregard business-ey stuff like ad-based marketing, as ideas like MixBall will always need the attention and support of customers or fans or patrons or investors, and now that I’m pondering unanswered questions about promotion and consumer behavior, here are some random weekend advertising ideas: […]

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